Natural pain relief doesn’t have the negative side effects of many over-the-counter and prescription medications. You want nothing less than immediate natural pain relief when you experience severe physical discomfort.



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Holistic medicine works to promote the body’s own healing capabilities. It does not interfere with the regular biological functioning.  The natural approach tries to maximize the body’s resources.



Plants have healing powers. Therma Mend natural essential oil blend enhances, promotes or stimulates health. Plant oils, bark, and roots all have medicinal properties. Eucalyptus oil, lavender and tea tree oil all have known health benefits. When mixed in a cream they provides a topical essential oil blend pain reliever. Therma Mend uses natural ingredients to reduce or eliminate pain. 


Natural Pain Relief


There are many chronic conditions where pain becomes a constant problem. Arthritis is a chronic condition causing severe joint discomfort.  Since it is not possible to cure arthritis, it becomes even more critical to be able to alleviate the pain. When physical suffering is a constant part of life, there is no alternative to some kind of medical solution.  If such a resolution only aggravates the condition, that only makes things worse.



therma mend the natural pain reliefHow many people have followed a physician’s advice and taken a newly recommended drug only to be knocked out by the side-effects? This is a common occurrence.  Holistic is the only way to go, and a natural drug free pain relief solution is the best.


Sometimes an exercise program will help relieve joint stress.  Physical rehabilitation can also reduce the harmful effects of a muscle injury. As much as these solutions work to minimize the physical issues, there is often lingering suffering that needs some other type of solution. Natural pain remedies could be the solution that pharmaceuticals are not.


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Kalos Life Therma Mend

Natural Pain Relief 



therma mend boxInflammation is a source of pain that creates other health issues.  You get a nearly instant feeling of relief by rubbing in the natural pain relief cream.

The topical essential oils of  Therma mend offer immediate relief.  You only have to rub in the pain relieving cream to feel its effects.  Stiffness is the result of inflammation in the joints.



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Therma Mend is very conscious of the associated health issues combines these ingredients to treat arthritis and gastro-intestinal problems. When you are suffering, you wonder what you can do to alleviate the situation.  Ibuprofen and other over the counter medications have side effects.  Many of the drugs that a doctor prescribes have worse problems.



That makes it all the more important to discover an all natural pain relief rub.  Relief of the discomfort is essential if you want to keep your day productive. Take me to therma mend.


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You reach a point that sheer effort will not accomplish the task.  You need some kind of assistance.  A good health program will reinforce your good habits.

happy old people thumbs up smallAnalgesic creams work wonders.  But they do not address the cause of the suffering.  Anti-inflammation substances are the only answer. You may not be able to cure your disease.  But you can treat the symptoms.  That will allow the body to build up stronger defenses.


A natural pain remedy will give you the foundation to fight any obstacle to your goals.  You will feel fantastic. Thera Mend helps provide you the freedom to live a better quality of life. Try therma mend the Best natural drug free pain relief.


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