You Have Been Lied to About Pain Relief

You Have Been Lied To About Pain Relief

Imagine For A Moment …..

Quick Pain Relief

Without A Handful of Pharmaceuticals

You Have Been Lied To About Pain Relief there is relief


Do you know what it is like to experience pain so intense that the only thing you knew to do is reach for the prescription pain medication? Prescription drugs are easy because they offer near immediate pain relief



Therma mend is a natural pain relieving cream made from quality essential oils


What if there is an option your doctor isn’t telling you about? Do You Experience “stupid pain”? You know the kind of pain I am talking about. It’s what I call “stupid pain.” I call it stupid pain because I can’t think about anything other than the pain or how can I stop the pain. Even if it’s only stopping the pain for 30 seconds, “what can I do to lessen the pain,” is the only thought in my mind. Hence, stupid pain.


woman wipes tears waiting for pain reliefIt’s one big unending circle. Because I am in so much pain I cant think about anything else but how much pain I am in.

If I can just reduce the level of pain – a little bit, I can control it and refocus my mind so I can manage the pain. But this is stupid pain. Stupid pain is when relieving the pain is the only thing I care about.


You Have Been Lied To About Pain Relief


Sometimes it’s a choice between breathing and pain. Because so long as I don’t breathe, don’t move, don’t anything, I get a few seconds of relief. It’s ridiculous to think, I know, but I’d think,

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